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Sugar Ray Boxing l Boxing Shoes Virtuos Boxing

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Sugar Ray Robinson, whose birth name was Walker Smith Jr., was an American professional boxer widely regarded as one of the greatest boxers of all time. He was born on May 3, 1921, in Ailey, Georgia, and he passed away on April 12, 1989.

Robinson competed in the welterweight and middleweight divisions and had a remarkable career that spanned from 1940 to 1965. Over the course of his career, he held the world championship in the welterweight and middleweight classes, becoming the first boxer in history to win a divisional world championship five times.

Some key points about Sugar Ray Robinson include:

Nickname: He earned the nickname "Sugar Ray" early in his career, inspired by the legendary fighter Sugar Ray Robinson.

Boxing Style: Robinson was known for his exceptional boxing skills, agility, and versatility in the ring. His fluid and graceful style, combined with power and speed, made him a formidable opponent.

Record: Robinson had a remarkable record, with a large number of wins and knockouts. His record includes several memorable bouts and victories against other boxing legends of his time.

Retirements and Comebacks: Robinson retired from boxing multiple times during his career, only to come out of retirement. His ability to remain competitive after returning to the sport added to his legend.

Legacy: Sugar Ray Robinson is often considered one of the greatest pound-for-pound boxers in the history of the sport. His influence and impact on boxing have endured, and he is remembered as an iconic figure in the world of professional boxing.

Robinson's career was not only defined by his achievements inside the ring but also by his charisma and influence on the sport of boxing. His legacy continues to be celebrated in the boxing community, and he is remembered as a true legend of the sport.


Sugar Ray Robinson was known for his exceptional boxing style, which contributed significantly to his success and legacy in the sport. His style was characterized by a combination of skills, agility, versatility, and a natural flair for the sport. Here are some key aspects of Sugar Ray Robinson's boxing style:

Fluidity and Grace: Robinson moved with a fluidity and grace that set him apart from many of his contemporaries. His footwork was exceptional, allowing him to glide around the ring effortlessly.

Speed and Reflexes: Sugar Ray Robinson was renowned for his speed, both in terms of hand speed and foot speed. His quick reflexes allowed him to slip punches and counter with precision.

Versatility: Robinson was a versatile boxer who could adapt his style to different opponents and situations. He could effectively fight on the inside or use his reach advantage to box from the outside.

Powerful Punching: Despite not being a particularly large middleweight, Robinson possessed significant punching power. He was capable of delivering devastating combinations and knockout blows.

Defense: Robinson had a strong defensive game. He could slip punches with head movement and use his footwork to avoid getting trapped in corners. His ability to make opponents miss and then counter effectively was a key aspect of his success.

Ring IQ: Sugar Ray Robinson had a high boxing intelligence, making strategic decisions during fights. He had an instinct for when to attack and when to defend, showcasing a deep understanding of the sport.

Showmanship: In addition to his technical prowess, Robinson had a charismatic and flamboyant side. He often incorporated showmanship into his performances, making him a fan favorite.

Endurance and Stamina: Robinson's ability to maintain a high level of performance over the course of long fights contributed to his success. His conditioning and stamina were crucial in his many memorable bouts.

Sugar Ray Robinson's boxing style was a combination of various elements that made him a complete and formidable fighter. His influence on the sport extended beyond his victories, as he set a standard for excellence and sportsmanship that continues to be celebrated in the world of boxing.

box records

Sugar Ray Robinson, whose birth name was Walker Smith Jr., had a remarkable boxing career with an impressive record. It's important to note that Robinson's career spanned a time when the number of official bouts, as well as the frequency of fights, was different from contemporary standards. Records might also include non-title and exhibition fights. Here are some key aspects of Sugar Ray Robinson's boxing record:

Professional Debut: Walker Smith Jr. made his professional debut on October 4, 1940, at the age of 19, in a fight against Joe Echevarria. He won the bout by a second-round knockout.

Total Fights: Robinson had a total of 200 professional fights throughout his career.

Wins: He won 173 fights.

Wins by Knockout: Of his 173 victories, 108 were by knockout.

Losses: Robinson suffered 19 losses.

Draws: There were 6 draws in his career.

No Contests: Robinson had 2 no-contests in his record.

World Championships: Sugar Ray Robinson became the world champion in the welterweight and middleweight divisions.

Retirements: Robinson officially retired from boxing in 1952 but made several comebacks, eventually retiring for good in 1965.

It's worth noting that Robinson's career spanned from 1940 to 1965, and he competed in an era when fighters often had many more bouts than contemporary boxers. The above statistics provide an overview of his professional career, but the specific details, opponents, and outcomes of each fight can be found in more detailed records of his career. Sugar Ray Robinson is widely regarded as one of the greatest boxers in history, and his impact on the sport goes beyond just his record, encompassing his skill, charisma, and influence on future generations of boxers.


Sugar Ray Robinson, one of the greatest boxers in history, scored knockouts against numerous opponents throughout his illustrious career. Here are some notable fighters whom Sugar Ray Robinson knocked out:

Jake LaMotta: Robinson and LaMotta had a famous rivalry, and Robinson knocked out LaMotta in their second meeting on February 14, 1951, to capture the World Middleweight title.

Gene Fullmer: Robinson faced Gene Fullmer multiple times. He knocked out Fullmer in their fifth meeting on May 1, 1957, to regain the World Middleweight title.

Bobo Olson: Robinson knocked out Olson in the second round on December 9, 1955, to win back the World Middleweight title.

Randy Turpin: After losing his Middleweight title to Turpin, Robinson avenged the defeat with a knockout in their rematch on September 12, 1951.

Rocky Graziano: Robinson faced Graziano on April 16, 1952, and knocked him out in the third round.

Kid Gavilan: Robinson fought Gavilan on July 11, 1949, and won by a technical knockout in the third round.

Henry Armstrong: In their third meeting on October 4, 1943, Robinson knocked out Armstrong in the eighth round.

These are just a few examples, and Robinson had a total of 108 victories by knockout in his career, showcasing his exceptional power and skill. Robinson's ability to score knockouts against top opponents contributed to his reputation as one of the most dominant and versatile fighters in the history of boxing.


Sugar Ray Robinson had several trainers throughout his illustrious boxing career. However, one of the most prominent and influential trainers in Robinson's career was George Gainford. Gainford played a significant role in Robinson's development as a boxer.

George Gainford worked with Robinson during the early and middle stages of his career, helping him refine his skills and strategy. Gainford was known for his expertise in training fighters, and he played a crucial role in shaping Robinson's style and technique. Under Gainford's guidance, Robinson became a more polished and versatile boxer.

It's worth noting that Robinson also had other trainers at different points in his career, and he often sought the guidance of experienced individuals to enhance his skills. The relationship between a boxer and their trainer is vital in the sport of boxing, and the collaboration between Sugar Ray Robinson and George Gainford was one of the key partnerships that contributed to Robinson's success in the ring.

sugar ray robinson boxing shoes

During Sugar Ray Robinson's era, boxing shoes were typically simpler and less specialized compared to the highly technical and specialized footwear available today. Fighters often wore lightweight, high-top leather boxing shoes with minimal padding. These shoes were designed to provide ankle support and allow for quick foot movement in the ring.

While the specific brand and model of boxing shoes that Sugar Ray Robinson wore may not be as well-documented as contemporary athletes, it is known that he often wore classic high-top boxing shoes consistent with the fashion of the time.

Boxers in that era did not have the wide range of choices in terms of brands and styles as modern boxers do. Today, popular brands like Everlast, Adidas, and Nike produce boxing shoes with advanced materials and technologies, but during Sugar Ray Robinson's career, the options were more limited.

It's important to note that the details about the specific gear, including shoes, used by historical boxers can sometimes be challenging to ascertain with absolute certainty, as records from that time might be incomplete or not as detailed as those for contemporary athletes.

private life

Sugar Ray Robinson, whose birth name was Walker Smith Jr., had a private life that, like many celebrities of his time, was not as extensively covered by the media as it might be for contemporary figures. However, here are some aspects of Sugar Ray Robinson's private life:

Family: Robinson was born on May 3, 1921, in Ailey, Georgia. He was the youngest of three children. His family moved to Detroit when he was a child.

Marriages: Sugar Ray Robinson was married multiple times. His first marriage was to Marjorie Joseph in 1943. He later married Edna Mae Holly in 1947. The two were married until her tragic death in a car accident in 1957. Robinson later married Millie Bruce in 1965.

Children: Robinson had several children, including a son named Ronnie.

Outside the Ring: Beyond boxing, Robinson was known for his flamboyant and stylish lifestyle. He enjoyed the finer things in life, including a love for jazz music and a keen interest in entertainment and the arts.

Business Ventures: Robinson was involved in various business ventures outside of boxing. He owned a nightclub called Sugar Ray's in Harlem and invested in other enterprises.

Legal Issues: Robinson faced some legal challenges during his life, including financial difficulties. Despite his success in the ring, mismanagement of finances and business ventures led to financial struggles later in his life.

Tragedy: One of the significant tragedies in Robinson's life was the death of his wife Edna Mae in 1957. This event had a profound impact on him.

Retirement and Later Years: After retiring from boxing in 1965, Robinson faced financial difficulties. He made occasional comebacks to the ring to earn money. In his later years, he suffered from diabetes and Alzheimer's disease.

Sugar Ray Robinson's life, both inside and outside the ring, was marked by highs and lows. While he achieved unparalleled success in boxing and is remembered as one of the greatest fighters of all time, he also faced personal and financial challenges throughout his life.


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