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Our Story

All great brands start with a great story, and Virtuos Boxing is certainly no exception. The European athletic-wear brand was founded by Italian-native, Donato De Martiis, who has carried on the legacy of the skills passed down by his father, Alessandro.

Like many Italians at the time, Alessandro De Martiis settled in Torino, Italy in search of a better life, after fleeing his home in Southern Italy during World War II. Alessandro’s path to becoming a professional boxer became the perfect outlet to focus his energy and build a new life. Still today, Donato deeply cherishes the memories he has of learning to box from his father, and vividly remembers the sense of pride he felt every time he slipped on his father’s shoes and gloves.

In honor of Alessandro’s legacy, Donato continued in his father’s footsteps as a professional fighter and ultimately, as a coach at the world famous 5th Street Gym in Miami Beach, Florida, the training facility famous for Mohammed Ali’s debut. Throughout his extensive career, Donato has learned the standards necessary for fighter’s equipment and set out to establish Virtuos Boxing as an authority and leader in the boxing industry. With their continued commitment to excellence and his understanding that there is no substitute for superior quality, Virtuos creates authentic and durable Italian-made footwear and apparel from the best materials to ensure you’re always at the top of your game.

Just like the passion and love for boxing that Alessandro passed onto his son, Virtuos also aims to inspire and awaken the next generation of boxers. Through centuries of dedicated workmanship and knowledge of the sport, we hope to create champions and help them test and push their own limits. Combining boxing expertise with a real understanding of today’s fastest-growing sport, Virtuos Boxing helps you perform your best, from bell to bell. Before all else, we hope that when you slip on our shoes, you feel their power, and at the same time, realize your own.

“There’s one road to achieve your goals, and we’re on it with you.”

- Alessandro

Donato De Martiis

CEO & Founder

Former Professional Boxer currently Coach for numerous up and coming Professional Boxers

Cathy Zamareño


More than 20 years experience in multiple fashion related projects



More than 25 years experience with executive leadership in multinational corporations and Entrepreneur

Ignacio Valle Muro

Board Member / Advisor

International Business Developer and Entrepreneur

Michael Petrarca

Board Member/Advisor