Who was the Boxer Vito Antuofermo?

Who was the Boxer Vito Antuofermo?

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Who was the Boxer Vito Antuofermo

Vito Antuofermo is a retired Italian-American professional boxer who competed in the middleweight division. He was born on April 9, 1953, in Palo del Colle, Italy.

Here are some key points about Vito Antuofermo's boxing career:

  1. Professional Debut: Antuofermo turned professional in 1971 and quickly gained a reputation as a tough and skilled middleweight contender.

  2. Middleweight Title Shot: On December 3, 1979, Antuofermo had his first opportunity to fight for the world middleweight title against Hugo Corro. The bout ended in a draw, and Corro retained the title.

  3. World Middleweight Champion: Vito Antuofermo became the WBC and lineal middleweight champion on June 30, 1979, by defeating defending champion Hugo Corro in a rematch. Antuofermo won the title via a 15-round split decision.

  4. Title Defenses: Antuofermo defended his middleweight title twice before losing it in a rematch with Alan Minter on March 16, 1980.

  5. Champion vs. Hagler: One of the most memorable fights of Antuofermo's career was his draw against Marvin Hagler on November 30, 1979, in a non-title bout. This was a tough and closely contested match.

  6. Retirement: Antuofermo retired from professional boxing in 1985 with a record of 50 wins, 7 losses, and 2 draws.

Vito Antuofermo's career was marked by his tenacity, durability, and his ability to compete at a high level in one of boxing's most competitive weight classes. His fights against the likes of Hugo Corro and Marvin Hagler remain significant moments in the history of the middleweight division. After retiring from boxing, Antuofermo has been involved in various activities, including training fighters and working in the hospitality industry.


Vito Antuofermo VS Marvin Hagler 

Vito Antuofermo and Marvin Hagler fought each other twice during their boxing careers. The most notable of these encounters took place on November 30, 1979. Here's a summary of their two bouts:

  1. November 30, 1979: Vito Antuofermo vs. Marvin Hagler (First Fight):

    • Result: The first bout between Antuofermo and Hagler ended in a draw after 15 rounds.
    • Details: The fight, held at Madison Square Garden in New York City, was a non-title bout. Both fighters showcased their skills, and the match was highly competitive. The decision was controversial, with some observers feeling that Hagler had done enough to win. The draw allowed Antuofermo to retain his middleweight title.
  2. June 13, 1981: Vito Antuofermo vs. Marvin Hagler (Rematch):

    • Result: Marvin Hagler won by TKO in the third round.
    • Details: In the rematch, held at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Hagler dominated the fight. He dropped Antuofermo in the second round and continued his assault in the third, prompting the referee to stop the contest. With this victory, Hagler became the new WBC and lineal middleweight champion.

These two fights are significant moments in both Vito Antuofermo's and Marvin Hagler's careers. The first fight, ending in a draw, was a closely contested battle that left room for debate about the decision. The rematch, however, firmly established Hagler's dominance in the middleweight division at that time.



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