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What is the ANBF Australia?

  1. Regulation of Professional Boxing: The ANBF is primarily responsible for the regulation and sanctioning of professional boxing matches within Australia. It establishes rules and regulations governing professional boxing contests and ensures compliance with these standards.

  2. Title Fights and Rankings: The ANBF plays a role in approving and sanctioning title fights for various weight classes. It maintains rankings for professional boxers in Australia, helping to determine contenders for title opportunities.

  3. Licensing and Accreditation: The ANBF is involved in the licensing and accreditation of professional boxers, trainers, and officials. Boxers must obtain a license from the ANBF to compete professionally.

  1. Safety and Standards: The federation is committed to upholding safety standards in professional boxing. This includes ensuring that events are conducted in accordance with established rules and regulations to protect the well-being of the athletes.

  2. Communication with State and Territory Bodies: While the ANBF operates at a national level, it works in coordination with state and territory boxing commissions or regulatory bodies. Each Australian state and territory may have its own commission overseeing boxing events within its jurisdiction.

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