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What is Boxing Australia?

Boxing Australia (BA) is the national governing body for the sport of amateur boxing in Australia. As a member of the International Boxing Association (AIBA), Boxing Australia oversees and regulates amateur boxing competitions and activities within the country. Here are some key aspects of Boxing Australia:

  1. Amateur Boxing: Boxing Australia is primarily responsible for the administration and development of amateur boxing in Australia. This includes organizing national championships, competitions, and events for amateur boxers.

  2. Competition and Events: Boxing Australia coordinates various amateur boxing events, including national championships and tournaments. These competitions serve as platforms for boxers to showcase their skills and qualify for international competitions.

  3. National Representation: Boxing Australia is responsible for selecting and fielding the Australian national boxing team in international competitions, including the Olympic Games and other major championships sanctioned by AIBA.

  4. Coaching and Officiating: The organization plays a role in the development and accreditation of coaches and officials involved in amateur boxing. This ensures that competitions are conducted according to established rules and safety standards.

  5. Development Programs: Boxing Australia may implement programs to promote the development of amateur boxers at various levels. This includes initiatives to support grassroots boxing, talent identification, and skill development.

  6. Member State and Territory Associations: Boxing Australia collaborates with state and territory boxing associations to ensure a unified approach to the development and administration of amateur boxing across the country.

  7. Rules and Regulations: The organization establishes and enforces rules and regulations for amateur boxing in Australia, aligning with the international standards set by AIBA.


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