AIBA Australian Boxing


What is the Australian Indigenous Boxing Association?

  1. Promotion of Boxing: AIBA focuses on promoting the sport of boxing among Indigenous Australians. This includes encouraging participation in boxing as a form of physical activity and personal development.

  2. Social Change and Health Promotion: AIBA aims to bring about positive social change within Indigenous communities through the practice of boxing. Additionally, the association may be involved in health promotion initiatives, using boxing as a means to address health and well-being challenges.

  3. Community Development: AIBA may engage in community development programs that utilize boxing as a tool to empower individuals, build community cohesion, and provide opportunities for personal growth.

  1. Cultural Connection: The association may emphasize the cultural significance of boxing within Indigenous Australian communities, incorporating cultural elements into its programs.

  2. Advocacy and Support: AIBA may advocate for the rights and interests of Indigenous boxers and provide support to individuals involved in the sport. This could include supporting aspiring boxers in pursuing their goals and creating pathways for success.


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