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Which are the main boxing associations in Australia?

Boxing Australia (BA): Boxing Australia is the national governing body for amateur boxing in the country. It is responsible for organizing national competitions, overseeing amateur boxing clubs, and representing Australia in international amateur boxing organizations.

Australian National Boxing Federation (ANBF): The ANBF is a professional boxing organization that sanctions and regulates professional boxing matches in Australia. It establishes rankings, approves title fights, and ensures compliance with rules and regulations.

Professional Boxing and Combat Sports Board (PBCSB): The PBCSB operates under state and territory government authorities and is responsible for regulating and licensing professional boxing and combat sports events. Each state and territory in Australia may have its own regulatory body or commission.

State and Territory Boxing Commissions: Each Australian state and territory may have its own boxing commission or regulatory body overseeing both amateur and professional boxing within its jurisdiction. These bodies work in coordination with national organizations to ensure compliance with rules and safety standards.

Australian Indigenous Boxing Association (AIBA): The AIBA focuses on promoting boxing within the Indigenous Australian community. It aims to use boxing as a vehicle for positive social change, health promotion, and community development.

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