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Most famous Boxers from France

  1. Marcel Cerdan:

    • A legendary French-Algerian boxer, Marcel Cerdan was a world middleweight champion. He became an iconic figure in French sports and gained international recognition during the mid-20th century.
  2. Georges Carpentier:

    • Known as the "Orchid Man," Georges Carpentier was a French boxing legend who competed in multiple weight classes. He held the world light heavyweight title and fought in high-profile matches during the 1920s.
  3. Fabrice Tiozzo:

    • Fabrice Tiozzo is a former professional boxer who had a successful career in the super middleweight and light heavyweight divisions. He held multiple world titles during the 1990s.
  4. Jean-Marc Mormeck:

    • Mormeck is a former cruiserweight world champion who made a significant impact in the boxing world. He had notable victories and became a respected figure in French boxing.
  5. Nicolas Batum:

    • A French professional basketball player, Nicolas Batum is known for his versatility on the court. While not primarily a boxer, his achievements in basketball have made him a prominent French sports figure.
  6. Battling Siki (Louis Mbarick Fall):

    • Born in Senegal but fighting out of France, Battling Siki was a trailblazing figure in the early 20th century. He became the first African to win a world title in the light heavyweight division in 1922.


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