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Who is Tony Canzoneri?

Tony Canzoneri was an American professional boxer who competed from 1925 to 1939. Born on November 6, 1908, in Slidell, Louisiana, Canzoneri became one of the most successful and accomplished boxers of his time. He competed in multiple weight classes during his career, demonstrating versatility and skill.

Key points about Tony Canzoneri include:

  1. Weight Classes: Canzoneri competed in three different weight classes during his career—featherweight, lightweight, and junior welterweight.

  2. Championships: He won world championships in each of the three weight classes mentioned above, making him the first boxer in history to accomplish this feat.

  3. Career Highlights:

    • Canzoneri's career featured numerous notable fights against other legendary boxers of his era, including Barney Ross and Lou Ambers.
    • He held the world lightweight title from 1935 to 1938.
  4. Retirement and Legacy: Tony Canzoneri retired from professional boxing in 1939 with an impressive record. He was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1990, recognizing his significant contributions to the sport.

  5. Tragic End: Unfortunately, Tony Canzoneri faced financial difficulties after retiring from boxing. He passed away on December 9, 1959, at the age of 51, under tragic circumstances. His death was a result of a traffic accident involving a taxi cab in New York City.

Tony Canzoneri is remembered as one of the great champions of the 1930s, and his legacy lives on in the history of boxing. His achievements across multiple weight classes showcase his skill, determination, and impact on the sport.

Tony Canzoneri Best Boxing Fights

Tony Canzoneri had a storied career with numerous memorable fights against top opponents. While opinions on the "best" fights can vary, here are some notable bouts from Canzoneri's career:

  1. Tony Canzoneri vs. Al Singer (1930):

    • Canzoneri faced Al Singer in a featherweight title bout on February 10, 1930. Canzoneri won the fight, becoming the world featherweight champion.
  2. Tony Canzoneri vs. Barney Ross I (1933):

    • On July 17, 1933, Canzoneri fought Barney Ross for the first time. The bout was for the world lightweight title. Canzoneri lost a close decision, but he would later regain the title in a rematch.
  3. Tony Canzoneri vs. Lou Ambers I (1935):

    • Canzoneri and Lou Ambers faced each other on May 10, 1935, in a lightweight title bout. Ambers won the fight, taking the title from Canzoneri. The two would have a rematch later.
  4. Tony Canzoneri vs. Lou Ambers II (1936):

    • In the rematch on September 3, 1936, Canzoneri regained the lightweight title by defeating Lou Ambers in a 15-round decision.
  5. Tony Canzoneri vs. Kid Chocolate (1936):

    • Canzoneri faced the Cuban boxer Kid Chocolate in a non-title bout on February 10, 1936, winning in a close decision. Kid Chocolate was a popular and skilled fighter of that era.
  6. Tony Canzoneri vs. Billy Petrolle (1933):

    • Canzoneri fought Billy Petrolle on February 10, 1933, in a lightweight title bout. Canzoneri successfully defended his title, winning by decision. 

These fights represent just a selection of Canzoneri's notable bouts, and there are other matches that also contributed to his legacy as a three-weight world champion. His ability to compete and succeed in different weight classes showcased his versatility and skill as a boxer during the golden era of the sport.

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